Your chance to create an innovative advertising campaign to increase HIV testing or improve sexual health awareness. 

In the UK, 1 in 4 gay men are unaware that they’re infected with HIV. Shocking statistics like these show that the gay community has got its work cut out in the fight to improve HIV and sexual health awareness.

Award-winning HIV and sexual health clinic 56 Dean Street are giving you the opportunity to design an innovative advertising campaign to raise this critical awareness. So if you’ve got a healthy flow of creative juice to spill then get thinking, filming and sketching. The winning entries from each category will be showcased by leading gay media outlets and in bars across London’s West End.

There’ll be two awards held over the year with two categories every six months.


HIV Testing: Send an A4 sketch of what your advertisement would look like and remember to include doodles of specific images with your attention-grabbing headline. What would you tell the 19-year-old you: Record a 60-90 second video telling the 19-year-old you what you wish you’d know back then. If you don’t want to appear in the film then why not get mates to take a star turn, or simply provide narration. If you’re the winning entry, you’ll be given the chance to act as creative director on the project, working with a professional agency to bring your campaign to life.

Go gays! Get creative and make a big difference…


• Full entry details are available at www.facebook.com/TheCommunityCampaign

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