30/06/12: So, what happens when you attend the Drag Idol final the night before and end up partying until the early hours with various Drama Queens company members, top cabaret divas and plenty of Sarf-London based lushes until the early hours of the morning? Why, you keep on rockin’ until it’s time for the Clapham Street Party of course! The QX massive had a little disco nap and some tapas and then GBOI – Got Back On It!

By the time we rolled down Clapham High Street at 2pm, the crowds were already snaking round the block, as the annual co-mingling of Clapham’s two legendary homo watering holes, Kazbar and Two Brewers, erupted its usual volcano of camp cabaret, celebrity guests, charity endeavours and lashings and lashings of shandy booze.

As always the levels of talent on stage were amazing, and full props to Drag Idol 2012 winner La Voix for truly holding her own and putting on a fab show amongst the many glittering cabaret regulars. Lola Lasagne looked stunning in her blonde weave, Mrs Moore superbly tinkled the ivories, Baga Chipz and Tanya Hyde showed us why Drag Idol is such an amazing competition, now truly seasoned pros after just a few years, whilst Sandra and Son ofa Tutu caused double trouble, as they groped some Manhunt hotties backstage. We’d love to mention all of the ladies on stage, but we just don’t have the room. Suffice to say, the shows were as stellar as ever.

The crowds inside the penned-in party on Edgeley Road were truly a scrumptious bunch this year, with more hard bodies on show than ever! Thank you weather goddess for continually shining down on us whenever the Clapham Street Party rolls around! Without you, there would be far less hotness on display.


We also nipped over to Kazbar to have a wiggle with our Glendora and the divine Lonnie Gordon, then it was time to sashay (or should that be stagger) to Two Brewers, which was a veritable genie’s lamp of pumping tuneage and tipsy revellers. What an amazing day! Well done to everyone involved and kudos to everyone who went along and made it so special.

Edgeley Road, Clapham, SW4
Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, SW4 7UJ
Kazbar, 50 Clapham High Street SW4 7UL
Words by Lee Dalloway
Photos by Chris Jepson 


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