Recon’s Fetish Week London is back for its biggest ever event. Cliff Joannou speaks to Event Manager Antoin Strachan… 


Describe the event to a Fetish Week virgin!

Fetish Week London is the UK’s largest “all-male” fetish event. As a Fetish Week virgin, this is really a good opportunity for you to get a taste of all ranges of fetish. There are events for guys into sports kit, rubber, leather, skin gear and our main Full Fetish event is open to every dresscode. You can really try to figure out what it is that you’re really into.


What hot porn stars and related club events are involved this year? 

At the Sports party on Thursday night, we’ve got a hot live-sex show by hot young guys from At the Nexus party on Friday at Hidden, we’ve got a show by Jasper Emerald and Paul Stag.

And there’s a Fetish Dinner? Sounds… bizarre! 

The Dinner is really great because it allows guys to just come out and socialize in a very relaxed atmosphere. It’s also an opportunity for people to have fun in their gear in a non-fetish public environment. A bit rebellious, but good fun.

And the main party at Fire… tell us about that. How will the format of the venue work? 

We’ve taken over the entire seven arches of Fire. For the first time, we’re introducing a VIP area with separate entrance, free welcome champagne, canapés, DJ, separate gents and cloakroom and chill-out area. We’re using Lightbox as our main dancefloor, the Mirror room as our chill-out zone. We’re putting another bar outside and will also have a smoking area. Hopefully the weather stays warm and guys can hang out and enjoy.

“There are events for guys into sports kit, rubber, leather, skin gear and our main event is open to every dresscode!”

Will there be a playroom? 

Recon Full Fetish wouldn’t be complete without a playroom! [Laughs] Of course we’re having one. Fire’s main arch, loft bar area and Diamond rooms and upstairs are all being converted into our kinky playground. We’re also having a bondage room in the Temple arch.

What DJs do you have on?

We’ve got a really great line-up of DJs. We’re bringing back one of our favourite DJs – Jack Chang, along with Cyril G from Paris, DJ RedTomcat from Berlin and Gordon John, another hip London DJ. Other parties over the weekend will also be featuring international DJs. Nexus Full Fetish and the Skin parties should be rocking!


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