No amount of downscaling was going to dampen the spirits of the cabaret queens, fans and bars this Pride day. If anything, the line up was bigger and better than any previous year, with Halfway to Heaven boasting a twelve hour dragathon, CXR Stage Bar promising over twenty acts the Admiral Duncan breaking their Pride cabaret cherry and Molly Moggs singing her heart out.

We started at Halfway where the cockney bird with an innuendo in every sentence, Rosie Glow, introduced Drag Idol winner La Voix, Son Ofa Tutu and Supasista. Despite the road restrictions the team at Halfway kept everything feeling fluid and relaxed and not like the cattled-in gays we must have looked like.

We meandered up Charing Cross Road and got to CXR just in time to catch the tail end of Lady La Rue’s set and the gravel-voiced Mae Hemm, who attempted a spot of pole dancing. Gotta love a tryer. Love you Mae!


A dozen vodkas down and the Admiral Duncan was calling with the unique delights of Candy Slag in Drag. I’m gonna sound like her PR girl here but we need to see more of her ‘up West’; vulgarity, clever parodies and one of the most striking looks around.

I practically pissed my knick knacks, laughing audibly at her ‘cunt’ ring (on her finger) too. After stopping to share a twelve incher, we swung by Halfway again to catch one of my highlights of the day: Miss Jason and Maisie Trollette (Two’s company).

Such great rapport and a very rare treat to see them perform. A wonderful day and, to be honest, I was expecting no less, as regardless of anything, the girls of our cabaret scene always deliver the goods. I felt very proud!

Words by Jason Reid
Photos by Chris Jepson


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