Smokin’ hot shindig SupermartXe is back next Saturday with Olympiade 2012 – an epic production of dancers, performances and, of course, some of the best music club land has to offer. We spoke to some of those involved on the night to find out more…

Alex Erfan (Promoter)

After your world travels, and what seems an eternity, are you excited to be bringing SuperMartxé back to London Town?

Absolutely. It is such an iconic brand with a massive following throughout the world. Logan did a really great job evolving the party with a distinctive London touch that I followed up on other projects. Now that he has taken a step away from the party, Romain and myself have put plans together for the return of SuperMartXé to London.


Electric is just perfect for SuperMartXe with its huge stage and gorgeous setting.

This month’s stage show looks like everything we’d want from Supermartxé and more! What can the clubbers expect this time around?

We have spent a lot of time with Made Up Group, who are in charge of the production and staging for the party to get that feel of opulent Ibiza grandness with layers and levels put in specially for the night.

Made Up do production like no other, from Hed Kandi to the Brit Awards and the recent Hackney Festival, they put together the most impressive sets, so expect something really special at SuperMartXé Olympiade! Raul Gonzales is in charge of all the animation and after years of working in all the biggest clubs in Ibiza and Madrid he is pulling out all stops to make the shows really special. We are in for a treat that is for sure!

What was the inspiration for the Olympiade’s set, theme and costumes?

The Games open in London the day before the party, so the Olympian gods seems to really fit our aspirations for the party as well as the Olympic fever that is taking over London. We even have some of the performers from the Olympics’ opening ceremony involved with the party! The costumes are just absolutely monumental; it really feels like a full-on West End show!

What’s in store for the future of SuperMartxé? 

We have some really cool plans for the future. The next two parties will certainly introduce that VIP clubbing experience Ibiza is so famous for in London!


Romain Lopez (Promoter)

After your world travels, are you excited to be bringing Supermartxé home?

We are very excited, it’s been a long break for SuperMartXé and it is back to a different hands of promoters, new venue, new stage direction, so expect a difference.

This month’s stage show looks like everything we’d want from Supermartxé and more, what can clubbers expect this time around?

Electric is an amazing venue with a good size stage, so you can expect the best production ever seen; great shows from beautiful dancers and performers coming from across Europe. We have carefully chosen the DJs for offering the best music that London and Ibiza has to offer.

What was the inspiration for the Olympiade’s set, theme and costumes?

Well the inspiration come, of course, is the Olympics Games in London, and because Greece is the origins of the Olympics games, we thought it was right to choose that theme at this time, a day after the opening ceremony.


Hugo Sanchez

What are you most looking forward to about performing at SuperMartxé’s big return to London?

London is a really big city for clubbing so it is great to be back, especially when everyone is talking about the Olympics and London all around the world.

If you were competing in the Olympics, what sport would we see you in?

It would have to be swimming. In Ibiza I am always on the beach!


Tony English

What can we expect from your set at SuperMartxé Olympiade?

Well, I’ve been playing for the SuperMartXé since the start, so expect that infectious Spanish sound that people know of me that you won’t get anywhere else!

In the spirit of the Olympics, when you were at school, what was your favourite sport?

100 metre sprint… I was the boy that everyone chased!




It’s Supermartxé’s return to London, have you got a champion set lined up for us?

You can expect an uplifting, tech house set, exclusive tracks and lots more to get the party started. Welcome to my SuperMartxé debut.

If you could have any athlete accompany you in the booth for the night, who would it be and why?

Phillips Idowu would have to be my first choice. This champ is just cool.


Sharon O Love

What are you most looking forward to about performing at SuperMartxé Olympiade and what can we expect from your set?

It will be the first time I play SuperMartXé, so I’m preparing well! It’s going to be an amazing DJ line-up at a great venue. I’m going for gold, playing a mix of uplifting, cheeky, bouncy, progressive house. Let the games begin!

If you had a one day pass for London 2012 Olympics, but only had time to attend one event – where would we find you and why?

I’ve already got tickets for the men’s gymnastics; it’s going to be the best event! I love seeing those guys on the rings/bench; so much strength and focus, it’s nail biting stuff… and the outfits are quite trend setting.


• SupermartXé Olympiade 2012 returns to Electric Brixton (Town Hall Parade, Brixton, SW2 1RJ) on Saturday 28th July, 11pm-7am. Tickets are available from


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