Peter Bull’s naughty Above The Stag production Get Aladdin has found a great new home in the cozy Landor Theatre in Clapham.

This is a panto with a lot going on, complete with flying seagulls, lights on pulleys, spiders on ropes and scenery moving mayhem that ensures this show is frantic over the top fun. Director Andrew Beckett brings a ferocious flair and enthusiasm to this cheeky show, and there are high production values attached to this panto, thanks to Richard Lambert’s unique lighting and video design.

Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper’s script is extremely witty, satirical with no regard for any political correctness – and why should it? With its themes of current street culture and clever spoofing of West side Story and the Sound of Music, this panto shows that comedy comes first and foremost with a good measure of crude gags and toilet humour resulting in glorious entertainment.


This is the writer’s fourth panto and the formula they now have works well and gives their fans precisely what they want… songs, humour, a straight and gay love story, a dame, and villain. Matthew Badwin plays Abanazer with such exuberance, it’s to his credit that he maintains the pace demanded by the role and the rapid delivery of his lines shows a true master of his craft.

The cast collectively excel and mesh into one of the best ensembles ever put together in this particular art form. A magical, festive, fun-filled extravaganza superbly decorated with all the necessary trimmings.


• Landor Theatre, 70 Landor Road, Clapham, SW9 9PH.
• Running to 13th January 2013

• Box office 020 7737 7276,