DJ, model, fashionista, host and all round slice of fabulousness Munroe Bergdorf has teamed up with Louis Driver and his on point fashion label Organic Pirate for their new ‘Imaginarium’ line. We sent Lee Dalloway to have a chat with Louis and Munroe to tell us more…


Tell us about Organic Pirate, how and why did you start the label?

Louis: I’ve always been heavily into style and fashion, I’ve also always known that one day I’d make a career out of it! Going back to uni at 26 to study fashion and retail was a huge decision and a personal goal that I set myself. I set Organic Pirate up as part of my final major project as it was a good way of doing a lot of my research and legwork, as well making my degree/study real life. A large part of it was also about creating something that was totally unisex; breaking down the boundaries between what is considered male and female attire. Personally, I have always worn what I like whether it be out of the men or women’s department. If you like something, just wear it. There isn’t really a right or wrong.


The new line looks fab, what are the concept and influences behind it and who is it aimed at?

Louis: I wanted to create something that was easy to wear and completely unisex. The printed T’s were only a small part of it. I started wearing them, and then I got a few requests from friends, so they started to trickle out slowly. The main concept and influences are my keen interest in androgyny and things that I would wear and that are easy to wear. I’ve also got an obsession with skulls if you hadn’t noticed. I also like the bold and graphic and anything black.

Munroe: We definitely wanted to stay faithful to the unisex ethos of Organic Pirate, so customisation and new take on original pieces seemed like a great idea. I’d definitely say that there is a noticeable 90s influence on the line; it’s East London without being obviously East and instantly recognisable without being over-branded.

Munroe, how did you get involved and how did you create your designs?

Munroe: Well, Louis and I have known each other for a while and I’ve always loved the visual of the Organic Pirate brand. I really wanted to create something where I took more of a creative backseat role, rather than being the main focus as it were. I also hadn’t ventured into this area of clothing yet, so I think it seemed like a great project to nurture and put out there.  I worked with an amazing stylist and designer, my close friend Aiden Connor, pitched the idea to Louis and eight months later the rest is history…
Louis, what do you feel Munroe brings to the line and the brand as a whole?

Louis: Fresh eyes and her own creative interpretation. At present I was just providing the basics and focusing on getting the brand out there as well getting my head around the business side of things. The imaginairum is Munroe’s vision and sex spin on things. Munroe as also enabled Organic Pirarate to reach a completely new audience and cast the ships net even wider.

There are a lot of brands that have their moment in the sun and then fade away. What do you feel the secret is to creating clothes and a brand that are not only current and on trend but also have longevity?

Louis: I hope Organic Pirate sails through many sunsets; what is available at the moment is only the beginning! In the New Year I want to start work on more of a design-led range. I will be doing some new and fresh print designs as well as introducing items for the lower half of the body. We also have another collab with Munroe planned.

Munroe: I have EVERY faith that Organic Pirate will sail long into the future.  It’s all about reinvention though and staying current. You need to adapt and keep a sense of metamorphosis about you. There’s no point in changing yourself to stay relevant, you need to be ahead of the curve.  Whilst the clothes are simple in design, the ethos and brand identity is definitely in the correct sphere for longevity.


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