A slightly more low-key venue than some of the other more ‘in yer face’ gay clubs in London, Vault 139 is situated beneath 139 Whitfield Street.

For those not in the know, it’s the kinda place where what happens in the basement, stays in the basement – if ya get what we mean! Just minutes from Warren Street tube, it’s easily accessible from the City, north London and a short stroll from Soho.

So, whether it’s cruising in your kecks or parading around au naturel, they’re bound to have a night that suits your style of cruising. Owner Andrew Wilkinson chats with QX about what sets the venue apart from other cruise clubs…

What makes Vault 139 different from other venues?


Before opening we said that we wanted to create a clean and safe place that people can go to, to have a great time and not feel ripped off. That’s it. We keep our prices low and try and give as much as we can for the money our customers pay.

“You can have a drink and a chat or you can lose yourself in the back and not be seen for the rest of the evening.”

How would you describe a typical night in the basement to a Vault virgin?

Absolutely terrifying for about two seconds, and then you wonder what you were so scared of. It’s a bar, not a sex dungeon. You can have a drink and a chat or you can lose yourself in the back and not be seen for the rest of the evening. It’s up to you as to what you do. There’s no pressure.

What type of clientele does it attract?

Everybody. You pick a type, we have it. We don’t try and appeal to one segment of society, that would be boring. We pride ourselves on being non-exclusionary so attract a great mix of people.

Can you tell us about one of the wildest nights…

No. We never tell! I will say though that every night, and day for that matter, is wild, bordering on feral, it’s a frenzy. The evenings are as wild as you want them to be.

Vault 139 Dirrty Diary


Open from 1pm, The Vaults Day Cruise is a great way to kick-off your week (or end your weekend) with a bang (ahem). Proving popular on Bank Holidays when those guys that don’t have work can unwind –and undress – you’ll get coat check and your first drink included in the entry price of £6. When 7pm rolls by, the venue merges into Stripped; where clientele will be checking more than just their coat – everything but their shoes, actually. Let it all hang out until 1am.


Day Cruise is like Monday until 7pm when Night Cruise takes over. An evening for those of a less exhibitionist nature to cruise with their clothes on (well, you gotta leave something to the imagination… sometimes anyway.) £7 entry after 7pm includes your first drink in case your appetite isn’t whet already.


Day Cruise until 7pm before the Lockergear Underwear Party takes over until 1am. Exactly what it says on the tin, the underwear party is for men of all ages/types wearing nothing but their locker gear. So briefs, boxers, or jocks – whatever takes your fancy. Why not break up your hectic week of working with a little play?


Enjoy a relaxed (clothes-on) cruise with friendly guys from 1pm, and only £6 entry until 7pm. After that you’ll generally find a much hornier crowd where the only clothing allowed is on your feet. Better get doing them press-ups!


All day Friday and all day Saturday is clothes-on cruising, but that doesn’t mean it’s any harder to get lucky. Use the free drink with entry to give you a little dutch courage and go perusing the venue’s winding tunnels.


Sunday switches the day up a bit, with the Lockergear Underwear Party in the afternoon, for a more ‘alternative’ take on Sunday lunch. And who wants a roast when you can have a spit roast? Expect frolics in everything from jockstraps to long John’s (well, maybe not…). From 7pm Night Cruise continues as usual where you’ll meet clothed guys. How long they stay clothed for is down to the quality of your negotiation techniques.

• Vault is at 139b-143 Whitfield Street, W1T 5EN. 

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  1. I have been a few times and think I will visit again, the first i did not know about clothes check and walked in a guy soon found me and took me to a booth, i sucked him and he soon had me on my knees and pounding me

  2. I live out of London but been a few times, this year, its a great place something for everyone and I love the naked session!! Especially performing myself and watching others in groups its the horniest type of sex.. Everything goes and no ones judging you, just pleasures and fun…

  3. I knew nothing about this club but was taken by a friend. Was not able to,stay long as I had a theatre engagement but think that I may well visit again.

  4. I go to this club only during naked nights (Mondays and Thursdays) to have casual sex and I always have it. You get what you want, if you feel comfortable in walking naked.
    The ticket is cheap, the storage is ok, plenty of condoms and lubs.
    I feel like recommending it. Go to my blog if you wanna read first-hand experiences.

  5. I visited here on a Wednesday couple weeks ago for the very first time. I felt nervous going down and in. Paid, walked in, got changed to my underwear, grabbed a drink and started walking around exploring. There was loads going on, you name it. I found one hot guy chilling on a sofa. We had our little fun and he ended up fucking me. I would definitely visit again

  6. I have been a few times it keeps drawing me back, i am married bi bottom a little too submissive. Las time it ws naked night and I wanted fun though my nerves meant I could not stay hard. If someone would have grabbed me I would have followed – i also like to be spanked drop me a comment if you want meet

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