Backstreet Boy

Alan Roberts has been the successful host of The Backstreet for many years now, and QX caught up with him ahead of exciting party for one of its most popular nights, Buff! Tell us a secret…

Tell us a little about yourself to start off.
Ex-military, worked for the government for fifteen or so years, big bruiser type! I do have a few other secrets but you’ll have to interrogate me for that!
What gave you the idea for Buff in the first place?
There was no decent clubs in London at the time for lads who like to let it all hang out. So I had the opportunity to open a naked bar in King’s Cross, but there were some well known issues with the venue owners that resulted in Buff moving to The Backstreet. We have been there now for seven years and everyone loves the venue as we have loads of space and a big outside area!
Was it difficult to set up or was the clientele already there and waiting?
People in London are always up for cock, even more so when you are naked. Plus you don’t need any expensive gear at Buff… Except your own birthday suit!
What kind of guy is the typical Buff customer?
We get Tinker, Sailor, soldier, spy! Plus everyone and anyone who wants to take their kit off. We get all sorts of blokes in, unlike a lot of other clubs we at Buff are not judgemental. We just want everyone to have a good time. We even get one or two celebs in!
And finally, what’s gonna make us hot and excited about the upcoming party?!
Well, as it’s the 10th Birthday, we’ll be giving away some free memberships, free drinks, poppers and pills throughout the night! Plus one lucky customer will find a bonus prize in their bag when they leave!

• Buff 10th Birthday is at The Backstreet, Wentworth Mews, Mile End, E3 4UA.

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