What’s Better than Gold? Platinum!

Orange Nation is going to the first port of call for thousands of hardcore gay clubbers over the New Year’s party season. With Beyond, WE Pure and Gravity Afterhours all happening in quick succession, you can get your hands on a platinum ticket that gives you access to all three events for £30! We chatted to a DJ from each night to find out more of what to expect…



What’s been the highlight of your DJ calendar this year?


To play for Beyond at the Circuit Barcelona 2014.

Which track and DJ has surprised you most in 2014?

Hoxton Whores – ‘Everybody Dance Now (‘Original Mix)

What’s been your guilty pop pleasure of the year?

Justin Timberlake- ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ (Manuel De Diego Remix Pride Madrid 2014)


Fabio Luigi’s Top 5 NYE Tracks 

  1. ‘Muy Loca’ (Original Mix) – DJ Lapetina
    Uplifting Beat!
  2. Tamia ‘Stranger In My House’ (Fabio Codato & Rafael Almeida Remix) – Refrao
    Great vocals!
  3. ‘Shut The Fuck Up’ (Manuel De La Mare Remix) – STFU, Boogshe
    Make me move!
  4. ‘Vamonos’ (Original Mix) – Agua Sin Gas
    Nice instrumental backgroud
  5. ‘Mali’ (Xavi Alfaro Remix) – Chris Montana
    Superb vibe!



WE Party

If you could re-live one event of 2014 it would be…

Beyond in MOS. easily the best after hours moment of 2014. Brilliant pairing of two iconic brands.

2014 is the year that…

Is another year closer to the new Star Wars films!

What’s been your guilty pop pleasure of the year?

Nick Jonas. His single ‘Chains’ is a great pop record.


Steve Pitron’s Top 5 NYE Tracks 

  1. Patrick Topping – ‘Forget’ (Tommy Marcus booty)
    Love the original but this bootleg gives it a little bit of a boost.
  2. Mason ‘Exceeder’  (Umek & Mike Vale remix)
    Old ‘Fire’ classic in new beefed up remix for 2015.
  3. Taito Tikaro & Flávio Zarza – ‘Say That You Want Me’
    Latest Terrace moment from my favourite Matinee DJs
  4. Iggy & Rita – ‘Black Widow’ (Sagi Kariv remix)
    Another sexy Sagi remix.
  5. Eric Tyrell – ‘Together’
    Proper name party favourite of 2014.



Gravity (afterhours)

What’s been the highlight of your calendar this year?

Highlight of my year was being given the opportunity to do a remix for Neon Records, which is up for download on my soundcloud!

What’s exciting you about 2015?

The thing I am looking forward to most in 2015 is sharing the decks with the legend that is Boy George at gravity on the 2nd of course!

What’s been your guilty pop pleasure of the year?

Really sorry but I don’t do pop! Haha!


Dayne Harper’s Top 5 NYE Tracks 

  1. Harvey McKay – ‘Taste’ (wAFF remix)
    From the first time I heard this track I was hooked.. . Can’t get enough of wAFF!
  2. Jay Lumen – ‘The Reason ‘(back to Chicago mix
    Huge track from one of my favourite producers, the bass sounds unreal in the club!
  3. Mirco Caruso – ‘Systematic’
    Really love the way the vocals have been used in this track, also has one of those basses where you just can’t help but put your hands in the air!
  4. Green velvet & Patrick Topping – ‘Voicemail’
    Usually it is the bass that does it for me on a track but this one is all about that high frequency delayed synth sound they have used! CAUGHT!
  5. Sidney Charles – House Lesson
    The simplicity of this track gets me every time… The way the bass comes in always sets the pace on the dancefloor!



• Beyond New Year’s Day is at Fire (South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, SW8 1RT) from 5am-2pm on Thursday 1st January 2015. 

• WE Party presents WE PURE at The Coronet (28 New Kent Road, Elephant & Castle, SE1 6TJ) from 10pm-7am on Thursday 1st January 2015. 

• Gravity NYD Special featuring Boy George is at Fire (South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, SW8 1RT) from 5am – midday on Friday 2nd January 2015. 

• The advance NYD Platinum Ticket giving you entry to all three events is just £30!