Yara Sofia at West 5

Remember Yara Sofia! Season 3 of Drag Race! AND she won Miss Congeniality in Drag Race: All Stars. She’s totes gorge. She was all about luminous contact lenses, and mad Alexander McQueen-inspired garb, like head-dresses and gothic lace and all that stuff. She was also cute as a boy – loved the bandanas!


Since then, she’s been touring the world, bringing her fantastical fashion-forward hedonism to gay clubs from Cancun to Cologne. Now, she’s coming to sunny London! Sunny? Lolz, no, sorry. More like DAY AFTER TOMORROW DELUGE LONDON. But it’s fine. Surely you’ve got a mac somewhere in that suitcase Yara. Or at least like a frilly avant-garde gothic Tim Burton-inspired parasol or something.


She’s not just coming to ANY London venue…she’s coming to West 5 in leafy Ealing! It’s a totes cute venue. On the outside it’s some sort of suburban tudor inn, but on the INSIDE…well…it’s an extravaganza! A glittering dance floor! Disco balls! And, evidently, Drag Race queens! They’ve played host to all sorts in the past…Detox, Willam, Michelle Visage, Jujubee…all the faves!

So whip out your finest attire. No, do more than that. Whip out your finest attire, chop it up with a pair of scissors, then wear it on your head. And wear the pair of scissors too. As earrings. That’s what Yara would do.

 Yara Sofia touches down on Friday 22nd January. West 5, 4 Popes Lane, W5 4NB. 8pm – 3am. Tickets from £8.50, available via West 5’s website, west5ealing.co.uk


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