London Gay Boxing Club

Gay boxing! We think of everything don’t we, us gays. A society or group or party for EVERY OCCASSION.


Yes! Now, boxing is not as aggressive as everyone thinks. It’s not just about masc male posturing. With its fast-paced feel and easy accessibility, it’s becoming an increasingly popular exercise activity for busy urban socialites.


It’s a proven stress release…pummeling the living daylights out of a punchbag is a great way to assuage your anger at injustices in the world. Like Donald Trump, or war, or rent, or the fact that there still isn’t a music video for Me & My Girls by Selena Gomez.

Founded in 2010, The London Gay Boxing Club was created to provide a safe space for gay men who fancy a good old box. As we all know, gyms and exercise facilities can sometimes be dauntingly testosterone-fueled, bringing back unwelcome memories of painstaking school PE lessons and changing room embarrassment. Not that gay men are incapable of functioning in male-dominated environments obviously. It’s just nice that there’s now somewhere we can go boxing, and not be afraid to have an organic smoothie and a gossip about Madonna afterwards. Hooray!

The London Gay Boxing Club meets every Thursday night at Ringtone Boxing Gym, 141 – 153 Drummond Street, Euston, NW1 2PB. Apparently there are always a few people up for a drink after, so bring some nice glad rags to change into. Or go for a drink in your boxing gear, it’s a look.

 For more info, look them up on Facebook or call 020 7693 9962.


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