LGBT History Month 2017

LGBT History Month is celebrated every February in the UK, with a wide range of different events organised all over the country. The theme for 2017 is citizenship and law, in order to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Now in its 12th year, charities such as Schools OUT UK are using it as an opportunity to tackle homophobic and transphobic language and bullying in schools, as well as bringing attention to overlooked figures from LGBT history. 

However, there are plenty of other ways you can get involved in London. There is a countrywide LGBT History festival called ‘OUTing The Past’ taking place during the weekends of February, with talks, theatre productions and presentations at historic locations, at Royal Museums Greenwich (7th), National Archive (11th), Imperial War Museum (18th), Victoria & Albert Museum (10th) and British Museum (19th).


Other events include the Unnatural Acts LGBT+ Festival, to be held at the multi-arts venue, Omnibus, in Clapham, from Feb 6th-11th, which includes theatre productions, short-film showings, and exhibitions.

There are a multitude of other events being held all over the capital, from cabaret shows to book launches.

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