DJ Of The Week… Sottoh

Parisian cutie Sottoh is jetting over to London next weekend to DJ at fag ash-flicking, insouciant gay night PATSY at Dalston Superstore. We sat him down asked him all about DJ stuff, including his fave tunes!


Describe yourself in one juicy sentence!

I’m Sottoh, a cute Parisian DJ and producer whose taste in music is current and passionate.


What can we expect from your set at PATSY?

I’ll be playing really groovy house with some vocals before I go harder at the end of my set.

Who in the world would you most like to DJ with?

There are a lot of people, but I would have to choose Delano Smith.


What are your ten fave tracks?!

1) Charleroi – DC (Melodymann Remix)

I really like the vocals and the harmony on this remix of this track.

2) Malin Genie – Klets

I like the vibe on this track because it’s really chill but super dancey at the same time.

3) Makam – Love Life

I love the vocals on this track! Really deep.

4) Mad Rey – La Chapelle

This is a nice deep house track from a really great French producer, you should check it out.

5) John Devecchis – Given Me

I really, really love the groove on this track.

6) Kursakow – Abduction

Deep pads! I love them.

7) Ron Trent – Feel The Rhythm (Paul Johnson Remix)

The jazz vibe on this is really great.

8) Cinthie & Diego – Mood For Action

Love this duo together, it works very nicely.

9) Delano Smith – My Life

This is one of my favorite DJs, and is probably my favorite track from him.

10) Innershades – Knowledge

I really like playing this track at the end of my sets because the crowd goes crazy; if you listen, you’ll see why.


• You can see Sottoh’s set at Patsy on Friday 17th February at Dalston Superstore. 117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB. 10pm – 3am. Free until 10pm, £5 after.


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