Disco Brunch!

disco brunch
disco brunch

Dalston Superstore’s brunch smashes our back doors in with some smashed avocado.

It’s a drizzly, but balmy Sunday afternoon in East London. On Kingsland High Street, things are just winding back up again after Saturday night’s carnage. A fox dejectedly picks at some leftover KFC discarded by a PR girl named Sophie. A cornershop owner restocks the Glens vodka, shaking his head and tutting to himself. An off-duty Jacqui Potato skulks out of a vintage shop with a pair of sequin heels in a plastic carrier bag.

But at Dalston Superstore, it’s all go! Their weekly DISCO BRUNCH has become an East London institution, and does exactly what it says on the tin – brunch, and disco! In fact, brunch in general has become very trendy. It’s no longer acceptable to spend your Sundays on the sofa with Come Dine With Me and last night’s one night stand. You’ve got to get your smashed arse out of the house, and get yourself some smashed avocado.

More importantly though, brunch is an excuse to drink before 1pm. For some reason, a drink before 1pm is usually considered bizarre or antisocial, but at brunch it makes total sense! Doesn’t it? IT DOES. I decided to head down and see what all the fuss was about! I brought along my friend Will, who’s very sophisticated and knows about things like brunch (he’s got a sofa and has been to Japan.)



We started off with two EPIC bloody marys, served in pint glasses, with a huge skewer of olives and basically a whole celery plant in each, and probably about half a litre of vodka. So obviously things were off to a flying start. Just as the bloody mary buzz started kicking in, A Man To Pet stormed through the doors (or rather, fell through the doors) and proceeded to run up and down the tables with a microphone, yelling things like “IT’S A SUNDAY BITCHES” or at one point “I’M EXHAUSTED.”

Part of the fun of the Disco Brunch, is that because of its discerning Dalston location, it attracts all sorts, who might not all be 100% prepared for an insane Greek drag queen crashing in halfway through their salubrious eggs benedict. There were a nice homely-looking straight couple a few tables over, and their bleary bemusement was a joy to behold!

Then, our food arrived. Along with two more bloody marys or, “water” as the bright-eyed, harem-panted waiter described it. I went for the goat’s cheese frittata, while Will plumped for the full English. My frittata was lovely (I’ve been banned from saying “gorgey”) very light and fresh! Will says his full English was very nice, especially the beans!

After we’d finished, we went over to see our friend Lauren, a makeup artist who lives up the road. We drank ten bottles of prosecco each and terrorized her boyfriend.

So, a great Sunday had by all! The Superstore Disco Brunch is a roaring success! QX endorses this message bitches! With extra smashed avocado! (Although we’ve heard Rudi Douglas has had issues with avocado lately, so Rudi if you go it might be best avoided.)

• Disco Brunch is every Sunday from midday-4pm at Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB.