Drag Idol 2017: Moppe’s Top Tips

Drag idol star Vileda Moppe gives us her top tips for snatching the crown!

The competition that launched the careers of some of the cabaret scene’s favourite performers is back! We’re told its 13th year is gong to be even bigger than ever. And you know what? We believe them, yes we do. Because if previous years are anything to go by, there’ll be high drama, high camp, and even higher wigs. This week, 2016 winner Vileda Moppe shares her top tips for snatching the crown…

The Preparation

Fill the douche up with warm water, (cold water can be uncomfortable, and hot water is a total no-no, trust me. Ouch!) JUST KIDDING! Think about your act and the venues where you plan enter. Put some stuff together that suits both of these, but remember to be flexible and ready to think on your feet. Nothing kills a room more than preparing something that in the moment isn’t working, and then you’re unable to change it.


The Other Acts

Drag Idol was a great opportunity for me. Not only to showcase my talent, but to meet everyone on the scene: my fellow competitors and the audiences in London where I competed. I’ve made some great friends and had an absolute blast. So chat to people, get to know them, do up their zips, fasten their jewellery, give them advice (if they ask for it). It’s okay to be a bitch onstage (am I right, Tanya?) but don’t get a reputation for being a bitch to work with, because you’ll find yourself not working with a lot of people.

The Look

There really are no rules as far as look is concerned, and I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen a dress made out of flaccid balloons, I’ve seen a Nosferatu look complete with bald cap and prosthetic ears, and on one occasion I watched someone with a moustache play Tracey Emin whilst lip-syncing and dancing around the stage in a two-man tent from Millets. The key is effort and execution. That being said, if you want to go for ‘fish’, you really need to impress. It’s easy to get these things right nowadays – there’s a bloody YouTube tutorial video for everything.

The Judges

Just remember that some of them will have been sitting on their cock and balls for half an hour. With mouths drier than a nun’s knicker drawer before you even get on. So they might become a little frosty as the night goes on. But they are mostly nice people who want to help you, and then there’s… the Duchess, oh, and that Jason Reid. I’m of course joking. They will give you honest, constructive criticism. Remember that getting up on stage in front of a room full of people is a brave thing to do, and the judges know this all too well and will respect you for having the balls to do it.

The Routine

In showbusiness it’s important to grab the audience as soon as you hit the stage. Whether that’s a song, or a piece of entrance music or a fucking canon going off. Once you’ve caught them you can do whatever you want and they will listen. If you’re a singer, sing, if you’ve got patter, do jokes, if you lip-sync, do it, if you hurl your shit at people, this may not be the competition for you. It’s always important to finish on something memorable, with a definite ending, something that will have the punters clapping like mad.

• Drag Idol 2017 Launch is at the Two Brewers on Wednesday 22nd March.