NEW GAGA KLAXON – Stef dropped a new song at Coachella and the gays are shook


“Stef” is our new nickname for Gaga by the way, mainly because we’re sick of “YAAS GAGA”. “Stef” has a much more appealing and hilariously dowdy ring to it. Like, Stef sounds like your mate at school who got caught stealing Frubes from the canteen.

But yeah at COACHELLA, dust-spattered wankfest and cultural appropriation hotspot, Lady Gaga treated her audience to a rendition of a brand new song that’s materialised out of nowhere, called The Cure!

We’ve since listened to the live version, and given the studio version a few spins on the office Spotify account.

It’s not for us. Now, before you all leap at us with your paws up from the gay twittersphere, we’re not saying it’s CRAP. It’s just not for us. We like a big sexy mad stomper here at QX. And it’s certainly not that.


It’s just a bit…unoriginal and derivative? It’s got that bloody trop-pop bird noise that was plastered all over Britney’s Glory. It’s got boring “I’ll be there for you” style lyrics. It’s something Dua Lipa would have clicked and dragged to recycle bin. It’s just…meh.

Soz Gaga. Soz Stef. Come back to us when you record John Wayne Pt.2

NB: The artwork is great. Loving the bizarre 70s plush velvet and we also love an armchair.

Listen HERE: