Time for a cheeky snog behind the BIKE SHED!

Bike Shed

There’s a brand new night skidding into the Eagle

A new night has just careened into town, all gears blazing! They’ve got sexy artwork, featuring splashes of millennial pink! They’ve got a great, fun concept! They’ve got some of the scene’s most sought-after DJs! And they’re at one of Vauxhall’s best-loved venues, Eagle London!

We got the man behind it all, Scott Humphreys, to tell us more!

Hey Scott! So tell us a bit about Bike Shed. What can we expect?

With “Bike Shed”, I wanted to create a night where everyone was welcome and where you can just be yourself. I find now that a lot of nights are just clones and attract a certain crowd but literally I would love everyone at my party; boys, girls, bears, muscles, daddies etc.  


Why “Bike Shed”? Do you boys have a thing for cycling gear?

So I came up with Bike Shed more to do with the idea of what happens behind the bike shed at school, a place where you would have a cheeky cigarette, a snog or may be a little more. But ultimately it’s meant to represent a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and where you can have a whole lot of fun and get up to a little mischief.

We love the artwork and poster! Tell us a bit about that.

Thanks! I worked with an amazing creative team. We wanted to produce something different from the other club and bar nights currently out there. Working with photographer Karl Slater (@slaterkarl), we decided to go down a more editorial route visually, capturing a moment, giving the audience a feeling of the vibe were going for. I’ve worked with Karl many times on fashion editorials, so it made sense to continue that though to my party. With the same fashion feeling in mind, for the branding I collaborated with an amazing graphic designer, Orestes Economou (@mro_presents). We wanted to keep something iconic, with a fashion sports vibe but with the Scott Humphreys twist. Right now in fashion, there’s a brand manipulation subculture, taking well-known labels’ logos and changing them to other things.

What’s in store music-wise?

Expect some deep dirty sexy beets from Borja Peña and Terry Vietheer

What do you have planned for the future? 

To be honest, who can say! This is my first time putting on a club night, and I’m really enjoying it and excited by it. So I’m defiantly looking forward to where this may take me.

• Bike Shed is on Saturday 22nd April at Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY. 9pm – 4am. Free entry before 10pm, £6 after.