Violet Chachki reveals her favourite season 9 queen!

violet chachki

Plus Violet talks coming to London for the Werq The World tour

On Sunday 30th May, the East London district of Limehouse will be showered in a glissade of glitter and a ululation of YAS’s, as Werq The World descends, all tits blazing, on shimmering performance venue The Troxy.

Mincing across the pond from the USA, Werq The World is OUTtv’s official Drag Race tour, and comes courtesy of Voss Events.

They’ve got a tongue-popping, wig-snatching, finger-snapping lineup, including Michelle Visage, Alyssa Edwards, Detox and Violet Chachki.


We’ll be sitting down with a different queen each week, while they spill the tea on what we can expect from the show, and a bunch of other stuff.

This week…queen of red lipstick, reading and runway reveals, Violet Chachki!

Hey Violet! You’re heading to London for Queens Werq The World tour! What’ve you got in store?
I’m constantly trying to bring fantasy and glamour wherever I go! For me, it’s really about what happenes on stage and the visuals you can create within the confines of a stage show, and pushing the parameters of what that can be. I’ve got a few unexpected tricks that I hope I get to bring with me, fingers crossed!

Have you performed with all of the other queens before?
I haven’t performed with a lot of them! I’ve never had the pleasure of performing with Shea, Peppermint, Bianca, Aja, Latrice, or Trinity. And I’ve only performed with Kim before she was cast on season 8! Looking forward to working with such a talented bunch.

What do you make of the London drag/burlesque scene?
Oh I think it’s amazing! Some of my favorites live in the UK! Daniel Lismore, Jodie Harsh, Joe Black, Immodesty Blaze. The drag scene is wild! From club kids to queens to fetish designers to burlesque folks, London is really a hub for a lot of what I love!

What have you been up to since you won Series 7?
Too much to list really. But all my dreams are slowly coming true one by one.

Are you going to be working with Dita Von Teese again?
Yes! I consider her a great friend and the best mentor a queen like me could ask for. We have plans to do lots of different projects together. It can be difficult though because we both have extremely grueling schedules. She’s the absolute best. The more time we spend together, the more inspiring she becomes!

Who’s your current favourite on this year’s series?
I’m a fan of Valentina. I’m not usually a fan of other drag queens really, but I’m genuinely excited to see what she’ll do next. She has such a strong sense of self that I really admire. And I love that she really smashes this idea of old school vs new school. I’m so sick of that tired conversation and story line. Let people be wherever they’re at in their journey and career. And not to mention she’s besties with my absolute favorite hair stylist Tony Mendina of His Vintage Touch.

When you’re getting on for 60, what will you call your farewell Vegas residency show?
Hmm that’s a good question. I never think that far ahead ha! Maybe something like “See You in Hell!”

Werq The World is on Sunday 30th May at The Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, London E1 0HX. Click here for tickets.

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