Fat Tony: Behind The Decks From New York To Sydney

Fat Tony

The superstar DJ tell us all about his crazy life!

Often booked to play influential events and clubs around the world from New York to Sydney, Fat Tony can often be found behind the decks at parties for high profile celebrities and has DJ-ed for the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, the Pet Shop Boys, Luther Vandross, Boy George, Sade, and Madonna.
He has a versatile sound that can be tailored to any occasion, big or small, and we can’t wait to hear his Gold Diggers debut on Saturday May 6th.

Hey Tony! Where are you from?

I’m a Londoner, born and bred and proud of it. I’ve lived everywhere from Ibiza to New York, but nothing compares to being back in Pimlico, where I was born.

Tell us about your clubbing days. Do you have some favourite memories of those times and what made them so special to you?


Growing up in the 80s was a really creative time. So many of my friends from that era went on to be masters and pioneers of their trade, from designers to DJs to editors-in-chief. We used to hang out at ChaCha’s on Tuesday nights at Heaven, which is the nucleus of where that groundbreaking movement began…then onto Taboo and Kinky Gerlinky and so on. Before the current social media frenzy, everyone was in the now and it was very special

How did you get into DJing?

I was working on the door of the Lyceum on Saturdays for Steve Strange and Rusty Egan’s night The Playground. I would bang on about how shit the music is and they said “if you think it’s that bad, why don’t you do better”. The following week I turned up with four records and the rest is history.

What have been the biggest influences in your career and how have they shaped you?

Going to Ibiza in ’87, meeting people like Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, the godfathers of house is something nobody can take away from me. Their passion for music was infectious.

Your DJ duo with Kate Moss under the name of ‘Fat Moss’ has been a worldwide media VIP sensation. Does Kate look to you for DJ advice and how does it work between you on the decks – do you play back-to-back? 

It’s a working relationship that’s great. Kate’s knowledge of music would surprise most people…it’s outstanding. Being such good friends, we just vibe off each other and it all comes naturally.

What mass weapons of destruction tunes have you got lined up for Gold Diggers at Egg LDN on Saturday May 6th and what 4 trax never leave your box? 

Julie McKnight – ‘Finally’

Soldiers of Twilight – ‘Believe’

The Braxtons – ‘The Boss’

Eric Tyrell feat Tiger K – ‘Together’ Tune Brothers Remix

Can we look forward to any music production coming up in the pipeline?  We loved Fierce Child ‘Men Adore’ from 1995. 

Funnily enough I’m back in the studio this week working on new projects, so we shall see!

What’s the appeal of Gold Diggers? 

It’s like my homecoming…I finally feel like it’s the perfect time for me to return to the Egg family. I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of them, past, present and future to be honest and I wouldn’t want to single anybody out.

Fat Tony headlines Gold Diggers on Saturday May 6th alongside Jeffrey Hinton, Tafkanik and more. With performers including Lewis G Burton, Virgin Xtravaganzah, Katrina Darling, Bambi Blue, Ray Noir, Kokaine Tyson & Johnny Bones. The free golden party kicks off at 2pm, with a drinks reception. To attend the event, look them up on Facebook at GoldDiggersPromotion.