Janne & Tony’s Wedding – QX graphic designer Jannie Oijer got married!


Janne has been a designer at QX for well over (*mumbles into hand*) years now and last Saturday, he got hitched at Eagle London, where he first met his handsome beau back in 2004!

We’ve only had gay weddings for a couple of years now, but they’re proving to be much more fun than their straight equivalents. This one had it all: A Man to Pet writhing round on the floor aptly pretending to be an eagle; best man speeches involving cruising for homeless people; plenty of everyone’s exes there; and oh, a lot of ABBA. We’ve never seen anyone move so quickly to a dance floor as Janne’s Swedish family did when ‘Dancing Queen’ came on.

Congratulations Janne and Tony! Thank you for a gorgeous day and we wish you many years of happiness.

Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane SE11 5QY


Photos by Joel Ryder