Australian Lqd skincare launch into UK in Harrods

Lqd skincare will be stocked in the UK for the first time from June 1st onwards, with their premium men’s products exclusively available to buy at department store, Harrods.

The brand was founded in 2012 by partners Anthony McDonough and Chris Glebatsas, who, it’s fair to say, know a wee bit about looking after themselves. Woof.



With both of them being relentless trainers, they were constantly seeking skincare products that were specifically designed for men that could deal with the sweat, grime, and regular showering that comes with working out, while also replenishing the natural oils of the skin. The right products proved so elusive that they decided to make their own.

However, this wasn’t a little part-time project in the garage. McDonough had originally trained as an organic chemist, while Glebatsas decided to give up his job as an investment banker to get fully involved. They’re committed to sticking to their principles, with all products being safely tested on humans and never on animals, while also complying with the environmental regulations of EWG.

And what’s inside the products? Well, they’re packed full of anti-irritants, anti-oxidants, and anti-aging peptides to give users rapid results, and completely free of known irritants like sulfates, parabens, phtalates, and menthol. Their products are ideally suited to men looking for a skincare regimen to fit alongside their active lifestyles and conscious diets

As well as the Harrods launch, they’re also going to be sponsoring London Fashion Week Men’s starting June 8th. Explore the full range at or follow the brand (and the boys!) on Instagram @lqduk.