A new concept in outdoor clubbing

Introducing Random Magic!

What an event name! RANDOM MAGIC! It’s quite vivid and evocative isn’t it. We’re picturing Hermione Granger sprawled on a neon inflatable chair, languidly stirring a large decanter of magic mushroom tea. Draco face down on the floor in front of her, in nothing but a jockstrap and trainers. Hermione knows where it’s at.

Random Magic isn’t at Hogwarts though (because Hogwarts isn’t real) but it IS at the amazing Prince Of Wales over in Brixton. Some affectionately call it the POW (POW!) and we can understand why. It’s a big old POW! A melange of mellifluous styles and concepts, that come together to make a multi-floored, multi-faceted multiverse of fun, facilitating untold drinks and debauchery.

And Random Magic, hitting its labyrinth of terraces on 14th May, is an almost profanely gorgeous new clubbing concept. Forget WE Party and Matinee (for now, at least) because Orange Nation are flinging open their doors to a brand new concept.


In case you hadn’t already gathered from the gorgey pics, Random Magic is set to be a daytime outdoor terrace party! Yes! With house, techno, disco, no dramas and no shade! They’ve got some of the city’s best-known DJs, including Yvette Lindquist, Gonzalo, Nic Fisher, Massimo Paramour and more.

Random Magic was borne of the desire to find something different and unique and exciting because GOD knows we need it. Things are so grey and boring at the moment aren’t they! What happened to ORIGINALITY. We want fash mag trash! We want SEX! We want Emma Bunton wearing nothing but a Gucci belt, with one thumb stuck up Justin Timberlake’s arse (if you can guess what we’re referencing here, we’ll send you a free copy of the next issue of QX – which is slightly flawed because it’s free anyway but whatevs).

Random Magic is on Sunday 14th May at The Prince Of Wales, 467 – 469 Brixton Road, SW9 8HH. 2pm – midnight. Adv tickets available at seetickets.com