Lindsay Lohan was at a gay wedding in Iceland at the weekend

Lindsay Lohan
Photos by Thorgeir Olafsson

While we were all popping cocktail sausages in our mouths in the scorching heat on Hampstead Heath, one of our absolute faves Lindsay Lohan was doing something much more temperate, but just as gay.

She was at a gay wedding in Iceland! Hooray! It was the nuptials of her two pals, music supervisor Scott Guinn and Oliver Luckett, founder of notorious social media management company, TheAudience.

Lindsay Lohan

Luckett first moved to Iceland to work with Björk, and has since made a home there for himself and Scott, in their beautiful scandi-chic mansion, purpose built for them by Icelandic artist Jó­hann­es Kjar­val. We’re SO not surprised that Lindsay moves in the same circles as continent-hopping A-gays.


The wedding was held on Saturday afternoon at the Borealis Hotel in Úlfljótsvatn (vowel please Carole). The Borealis Hotel, what a name! We’re picturing Rosamund Pike sipping a White Russian beside a trickling ice sculpture, billows of dry ice wafting atmospherically across the floor over her shiny louboutins, as the northern lights undulate overhead.

Also in attendance was Iceland’s Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson, as well as fashion muse and QX cover star Daniel Lismore, characteristically resplendent in his unique brand of caped finery. There was also actor Manu Bennett who, among other things, played the role of Azog The Defiler, that big scary orc in the Hobbit movies! How you dzoin’ Azog?!

Manu Bennett with designers from Inklaw

Guests took in the stunning Icelandic scenery and sipped glacier-meltingly expensive champagne as Lindsay gave a speech for her two newlywed friends. Then they all danced away until the wee hours, with music from a band called The Babies Of Iceland, lol.

Just when we think there’s nothing else Lindsay can do to surprise us, she attends an Icelandic wedding with an orc and a Prime Minister. We love you Lindsay, you keep us young.