XXL Lumberjack – XXL’s getting Lumbersexual!

xxl lumberjack

XXL are having a hot, hairy lumberjack night

XXL is infamous for scouring the globe to find the best bear DJs to spread dance floor delirium in their cavernous arches! And what would you know, they’ve found a bright new thing from New York City, who’ll be on hand to spin beefy party sounds at their Lumberjack night on Saturday 17th June.  Sin Morera is a globetrotting songwriter and DJ who’s previous collaborations read like a Resident Advisor’s Who’s Who. So all you need to do worry about is finding the perfect plaid shirt, growing out that beard, and working out how to laboriously insert as many wood puns into conversation as you possibly can.

We spoke with the songwriter and Vienna Life Ball resident DJ Sin Morera before he makes his long-awaited debut behind the XXL decks!

Hey Sin, give us a quick introduction to yourself.

I am a songwriter, producer and DJ, born in New York City, from a Latin background. I’ve been making music since I was 15 and since then, I’ve signed my first major music publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music and had my first gold record with an artist in Europe called Christina. As well as that, I’ve worked in the studio and shared decks with Junior Vasquez, Frankie Knuckles, and Shep Pettibone, who wrote Madonna’s ‘Vogue’!


How would you describe your DJing style?

I was influenced by Larry Levan, Junior Vasquez, Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry and of course, the late Frankie Knuckles. As an artist, I’ve evolved my sound these days, so it can range from Defected Records sound to Tool Room’s Mark Knight style. So to answer the question, tech, deep, and sexy, but driven. And a big splash of Sin in the mix!

You’re a songwriter too. Which song out of all history do you wish you’d written?

Wow, i have worked with many songwriters in the recording studio like Toby Gad, who wrote on Madonna’s Rebel Heart,  Jimmy Greco, ( Jennifer Lopez and Santana ) Peter Zizzo ( Celine Dion ) and some guys over in Denmark who produced Aqua’s Barbie Girl! However, I wish I’d written ‘Happy Birthday’, everyone knows it and sings it everyday!

You’re coming to XXL next Saturday. Have you played London much before? What do you make of the city?

I am actually a virgin to London! I have traveled all over Europe but never had the opportunity to come to London. So this will be my debut and I’m excited that XXL have given me the chance to play that beautiful room at Pulse. It’s also going to be my birthday that weekend, so it will be extra special to spend it DJing and sharing my music with you all!

What can people expect from one of your shows?

I have a huge sound, but not EDM. It’s sexy, tribal, and New York underground. You can also expect to see me with my shirt off when I get on the decks!

 What song do you always turn to revive an ailing dance floor?

Probably ‘Lola’s Theme’, which was the debut single by British house duo The Shapeshifters. A classic!

You’re playing on Lumberjack night. Have you ever chopped down a tree?

Well, as a city boy born and raised in New York City, there were no trees to cut down. Except in Central park, but the Police would be onto me then if I cut one of those down! So, sadly not, but hopefully I’ll find a lumberjack on the dance floor!

Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?

I am the Deadly Eighth!

XXL Lumberjack is on Saturday 17th June at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, SE1 9UF, 10pm-7am, members £10, non-members £15