Get messy with Sheets of San Francisco!

The perfect accompaniment to London Fetish Week…

Apart from perhaps UKIP wallpaper or a homemade shrine to Anne Robinson, is there as much of a passion-killer as someone laying a towel down before you’re about to get intimate? The best sex should feel uncontrollably spontaneous and uninhibited, rather than matching the quiet dedication of reserving a sun lounger in a prime location by the pool.

This is where Sheets of San Francisco are on hand to help. There’s no denying that sex can be pretty messy, but their impressive range of bed sheets and throws can consign that worry to the back of your mind and just let you enjoy the heat of the moment.

They’re all made of a fluid-proof fabric that can take anything you can throw at it; lube, oil, food, wax, piss, almost everything! Use your imagination. Afterwards, they can just be wiped down or simply chucked in the wash. As well as being highly functional, the sheets have been specially engineered to be lightweight, seam free, and breathable, so they’re great to sleep in too. Even kinksters need to rest at some point! They also have the added perk of being easy to bundle into your luggage to take to your hotel room on holiday.


They’ve recently white sheets to their collection, which are slightly less conspicuous than the black alternatives if you’re conscious of them standing out from the rest of your decor. Every UK and European bed size is catered for, but they also offer a custom service for particularly deep mattresses or other furniture you want to cover.

As we cruise into the middle of London Fetish Week, Sheets of San Francisco’s range is the perfect blend of toughness and comfort to stand up to any messy escapades you get up to! You can shop their products online at, or in store at Regulation and Clonezone.