Meet Mauricio!

We chat to the muscebound Adonis behind Orange Nation’s biggest international ventures

The magnificent, musclebound Mauricio Ortiz is Orange Nation’s international correspondant! He’s responsible for making the already pretty international brand even MORE international, not only by promoting it abroad, but by collaborating with other iconic brands from around the world.

We sat down with him between parties to find out more!

Hey Mauricio! Tell us about your role at Orange Nation.

I’ve been working with orange Group for more than ten years. And I’ve also been working with international festivals and parties around the world like Papa, WE, The Week Brazil, Matinée, Circuit Festival, Arena Festival and more. Recently we decided to collaborate and bring all the international brands to London, and create a new atmosphere. I’m very excited, and ready to make it happen!


If you could put a party on anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Brazil of course! The energy and music there are like nowhere else in the world, and I’m gonna do my best try to bring that energy here to London.

What’s your favourite place in the world?

I’ve been living in London for twenty-three years, so there’s your answer. From the first day I arrived, I fell in love with this city, the people, and the energy here.

Why do you think it’s still important to bring London club brands to the rest of the world?

The brand and the style we’ve built up over the years in London is very unique and different from the rest of the world! When I’m at other festivals around the world, people often tell me that many brands are almost the same, the music is very commercial and they are getting bored. We’re giving people a different experience, and they can feel it, and they appreciate it.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

Believe in yourself, be dedicated, passionate and get ready to work hard


on Madrid Pride and Circuit!

Hey Martin! So you guys did Beyond at Madrid Pride! How was that?

It was OUT of this world! Beyond has been to Madrid Pride a few times, but as this was World Pride it was crazy. Our theme Beyond Miami went down perfectly and even being a mid-week party, it was rammed full. Amazing visuals and costumes from London and our boy Matt Bogard smashed the dance floor.

And you’ve got a Circuit Party coming up there too – when is it and what have you got planned?

I’m so excited about this! We have the party this week – it’s my third time taking Beyond to Circuit and I’ve gone all out. As it’s the 10th Anniversary I had to make sure this is one to remember! So I’m taking mind-blowing visuals, 2 of our best London DJs Zach Burns & Tony English, and with a new upcoming designer Daniel Enriquez I’ve created some bespoke costumes which have been handmade by the two us….Beyond The Big Top is going to BLOW everyone away.

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