Lady Ole gets witchy! The Spanish partystarters are celebrating Halloween two weeks early. Why? Why not!

Dust off those plastic cobwebs, take that fake blood out of the freezer to defrost, and re-introduce ‘spooktacular’ into your daily vocab: it’s our first Halloween party of the season!

We know what you’re thinking, ‘it’s too early for Halloween, I’ve only just started complaining about people mentioning Christmas in September’, but get over yourself. It’s TIME.

The party in question comes from purveyors of Spanish kitsch culture Lady Olé, who are back in Archway after a summer of putting on flaming fiestas on boats and in the middle of roundabouts. This one’s called ‘ANTES MUERTA QUE SENCILLA’, or ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ if you spent GCSE Spanish daydreaming about boys, and promises to add a ghoulish gleen to the usual high campery and trashy Spanglish pop you find on their nights. It feels pretty redundant to say that dressing up is strictly encouraged. But do!

They also have a super-special guest appearing alongside resident DJs Alejandro ‘pelucas’ Asencio and Alejandro ‘larga’ Vicente: Rebeca Pous! Now, to a lot of people, that name might not mean a big deal, but others will be MUY EMOCIONADO about it! She’s an iconic europop singer who sold millions of records in the 90s and early 00s, including a Spanish version of Grease, which if you have a spare minute on Youtube, really is as brilliant as it sounds. This is her first-ever live appearance in the UK, so snap up a ticket quick!


Lady Olé presents ANTES MUERTA QUE SENCILLA is on Saturday 14th October at Nightclub Kolis, 1 Archway Close, N19 3TD, 10pm-4am, £13 from