QX Recommends…Frau Welt – The avant-garde new one-person show at Hackney Showroom

Touching down in a pernicious puff of powder foundation this month, Frau Welt is the beguiling new show at the esteemed Hackney Showroom. Well, “show” doesn’t really do it justice. Phantom of The Opera is a show. Wicked is a show. Will & Grace is a show. Frau Welt is more…an assault.

And we mean that in the best possible way! In the world of Pizza Express and Pret A Manger, we NEED assaults! Assaults on the senses, disruptive madness. Corporations and “The Man” in general, are making their best efforts to turn London into one big Westfield shopping centre. Which is why shows like Frau Welt are more important than ever.

In an exceptional one-person performance, Peter Clements plays the conflicted and – to put it mildly – neurotic Frau, as she struggles to conceal secrets from her past. We follow the Frau throughout her tumultuous career on stage, from Weimar Berlin, all the way to her appearance on Broadway.

An Associate Artist at Hackney Showroom, Clements co-wrote the show himself, and it shows. At once darkly funny and touchingly sympathetic, Frau Welt is one of those all-too-rare things in modern queer theatre; unique!


Frau Welt is at Hackney Showroom until 21st October.

For more info and tickets, head to hackneyshowroom.com