All we want for Christmas is MEO


Meo is a German company who specialise in wonderfully inventive, fun, and occasionally daunting fetish products and sex toys! Trade in sex products is BOOMING at the moment – maybe because the fun escapism of it all gives us a much-needed respite from, you know, the general existential doom and impending apocalypse.

Also, sex toys are perfect Christmas gifts! A dildo wrapped in its unassuming rectangular box looks outwardly like a fairly unassuming, innocuous Christmas gift. A pair of slippers perhaps, or a large box of chocolates. WRONG. It’s a 7” Cyborg Exploration Cock – ribbed and flexible for your pleasure, and a steal at a mere €39!

They’ve got loads of other stuff at Meo, including fucking machines (with the caption “In thrust we trust”), spanking paddles, collars, jockstraps, and even a deepthroat simulator for only €14.90, which after the current exchange rate is…well…about £14.90 actually, but still great value for money!

To check out their full range of products and special Christmas offers, head to