Beyond Taboo presents Red Light

What happens in Fire, stays in Fire…

Beyond are BIG on busting taboos. There’s something intrinsically scandalous about dancing in a dark Vauxhall nightclub at midday surrounded by a throbbing crowd of topless men, while the rest of London pushes overripe avocado round their plates or argues in Ikea.

At the start of February, they’re going to be playing up to this rebellious streak with a Taboo special, exploring the seductive sleaze of the red light district. We spoke with head promoter Martin Rab and resident DJ Zach Burns to see what they’ve got in store for you…


So this is going to be the second Beyond Taboo party. How did last year’s one go?

It was an overwhelming success! We transformed Fire into a den of sordid debauchery decorated with roped bondage chairs, giant absinthe glasses, flashing XXX signs and filled to the brim with hot gogo boys, sexy burlesque girls and a devilishly naughty crowd!


Where did the idea for the Taboo nights come from?

Taboo is all about anything forbidden and illicit, which can be in any form. I ran a burlesque show for many years and wanted to take the provocative and mesmerising visual aspects from that and combine it with a sexy twist on our Beyond sound to make the perfect mix of unadulterated fun. What happens in Fire, stays in Fire.

Why’ve you gone for a Red Light theme this time round?

It’s a cold and miserable winter at the moment, so I wanted to heat things up this February. This theme gives me a chance to misbehave and be extra risqué with the costumes and shows, as well as musically adding a bit if naughtiness and raunch from our all-star DJs.

What’ve you got planned for Saturday night?

I can’t give away too much, but you can expect to enter a world of sordid debauchery in a setting of the infamous Red Light district, with buff boys in corsets & heels, voluptuous strippers in suits, scantily clad lap dancers, burlesque, feathers, fire & more…

Are we going to be seeing more Taboo nights in the future?

OH YES! And we’re so excited. It’s proving to be so popular, so we will be putting on at least two themed Taboo parties a year, and the possibilities are limitless.

What would life be without a bit of taboo?

Rules are meant to be broken and you know as well as me that when things are forbidden it makes people want it more. And wanting things more makes you lose your inhibitions, which in turn equals a whole lot more fun… for everyone!


Hey Zach, how long have you been involved with Beyond?

I first started playing at Beyond in 2013 when it was at Area, so a good few years now. I’ve recently teamed up with the “Marvellous” Martin to help promote Beyond and am very happy with the direction it’s heading!

hat do you love most about playing to the Beyond crowd?

The energy you get back from the crowd, they know what they like and when they love it, you feel it!

What does 2018 hold for Beyond?

Fun times! Firstly taking the soundtrack back to the uplifting and euphoric atmosphere Beyond used to generate. Pushing the boundaries with our stage performances and new concepts galore. The feedback we’ve been receiving on past events has been so good and now we’re so excited to keep the momentum going and giving people what they want, so just watch this space…

What’s the most taboo thing you’ve ever done?

Aren’t taboos supposed to be unspoken of? LOL.

Beyond Taboo is on Saturday 3rd February at Fire, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, SW8 1RT, 11pm-11am, early bird ticakets £11 from see