#JULIASAYS – Discerning scene musings of the princess of East London!

Who has fun trendspotting? What do you think is going to be hot and happening in 2018? I’ve noticed a rise in raves recently…last year we saw Chapter 10 turn raving into a cult pastime, with super credible DJs and dance floor action.

Chapter 10

Adonis is the latest night to be carving out a place on the club scene. I went on New Year’s Day and I’m still recovering! Mind you, I managed to fit in a trip to Horse Meat Disco and ended up at The Shed, which isn’t a club at all but an actual disco in a shed in our friend’s back garden!

Get into the groove at Homo Superior – Queer Anthem Party on Friday 12th at The Glory. Sina Sparrow and Panos Z will be playing all the tunes, and the fabu Margot Marshall will be doing some star turn performances from 10pm, open till 2am.

Margot Marshall

This weekend, we’re cranking it up as we venture into mid January. Homostash is back with Wet January edition – Guest DJ: Yam Bataller [Berlin] on Friday January 12th at Dalston Superstore. Starting to feel moist? Plus Fèmmme Fraîche #014 with Kate Simko at Dalston Superstore is back on  Saturday 13th.


See look… Horse Meat Disco – All Night Long is having a disco raveup on Saturday 13th at the Hangar warehouse, 2-18 Warburton Road, E8. Fans of Horse Meat (that’s me too!) we better get down there for a swishy time; 10pm till 3am.

Then what’s this then? Coven | Warehouse Rave is on 13th January – venue to be revealed on the day of the event! Blimey that’s old school, LOLS! better keep logged on for updates. DJs include Dahc Dermur VIII, Fairground of Tears and Lupus, 11pm till 7am.

This Sunday 14th January, round your raving weekend off at The Glory where it’s time for an old fashioned ‘eyes down’  Bingo Babes with Xnthony, Crystal Beth and Barbs!!!! A really fun evening from 7pm till 11pm, which gives you time to go somewhere else after if you fancy it!