Kim Petras just dropped the best music video since New Rules

Kim Petras is one of our absolute FAVES! We tell anyone who will listen. And some people who won’t listen.

Kim is basically the best thing to happen to pop since Dua Lipa. She’s all pouting pastels, bubblegum brashness and California cool. Which is interesting, because she’s actually from Germany. We like to imagine she was born in the top turret of that Disney-looking castle in Bavaria.

We discovered her the same way we discover most things – while drunk at a party in Camden. Someone put her on Youtube and the rest is history!

Musically, she’s quite Charli XCX, with some hints of Gaga and Katy Perry thrown in (and a generous drizzle of Stars Are Blind-era Paris Hilton). But really, she’s all her own sound. Her debut single “I Don’t Want It At All” was a summer bop that smashed its way onto Spotify with over 1 million listens in just a couple of months. You KNOW a song’s good when you play it your Uber at 3am and the driver surruptitiously shazams it.


Now she’s just dropped the video for new single “Faded” and we’re obsessed. Seriously Kim, fuck us up. The hair. The clothes. The colours. The HASHTAG AESTHETIC. Ev. Ry. Thing.

Watch it here: