Libidex’s BIG Winter Sale

Squeak into 2018 with a sexy new latex garment in your wardrobe

You’ve heard of Libidex before! They’re a fetish brand with a lust for life and a flexible spine. If they were a person, they’d maybe be Elizabeth Hurley. In that red catsuit from Bedazzled.

They fill a gap in the market, so to speak, with good quality latex gear for the discerning homosexual gentleman.

All their stuff is available online, but sometimes, especially with sex products, it’s great to get your MITTS on something isn’t. Really feel the salacious sensuality, y’know?

They’ve got a shop in Covent Garden called Liberation, packed to capacity with a huge variety of latex stuff for both men and women! They’ve got catsuits, hotpants, underpants, even SUITS, all made from the softest, most supple latex in a variety of colours.


They’ve also got a new product in – a glow in the mask, from fetish trendsetters Maskadelic. Plus avant-garde brilliance from milliner extraordinaire, Virna Pasquinelli. How fabulous.

Even better…it’s all 30% off! The perfect thing to blow your January paycheck on. January’s such a cheap, boring month, so when you get paid, LIVE a little, LATEX a little and LIBIDEX a little!

For more info and pricing, or to buy stuff, head to or pop in to Liberation, 49 Shelton Street, WC2H 9HE. And don’t miss their Valentine’s Pop Up from 1st February, at 3 St Albans Place, Islington N1 ONX.