Look out for some of London’s drag stars in new Toyota ads!

Some familiar London drag queens have lent their fabulous presence to the latest Toyota advertising campaign!

Stella Meltdown, Alfie Ordinary and Liquorice Black, as well as one of our fave performance artists Le Fil, were given creative freedom to make their own individual adverts for the Toyota Aygo, under the campaign name of ‘Go Your Own Way’, and have come back with strikingly different results.

First up is Stella Meltdown, who’s normally seen flinging herself round The Glory and celebrating all things celebrity excess. You can watch the making-of video below, in which Stella drives her Aygo to Peckham and talks us through her transformation from studious bookworm to paparazzi-bothering hot mess!


So far, she’s been joined by Manchester’s film-noir queen, Liquorice Black, who brings a sophisticatedly smoky and monochrome take to the task at hand.

Over the coming weeks, the creative of Alfie Ordinary and QX coverstar Le Fil (who comes fresh from another glitter-strewn campaign for Smirnoff Vodka, seen splashed all over Shoreditch) will be released, and you can catch it first here!