Ask Bianca – Drag Race’s Queen of Mean Solves Your Dastardly Dating Dilemmas!

Bianca Del Rio joins the QX team with a brand new weekly advice column

She’s been called “the Joan Rivers of drag”, “a clown in a gown” and “a hateful cunt”.

But we just call her Bianca Del Rio, the winner of a little-known show called RuPaul’s Drag Race and QX’s new resident agony aunt.

Bianca’s taking time out of her busy schedule to sit down and answer YOUR problems, until she sells enough tickets for her London show that is – 27th July, Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, get your tickets now, etc.

So here she is, the self-proclaimed expert of nothing with an opinion on everything. Strap yourself in, because if someone’s turning to Bianca Del Rio for advice, you know they gotta be desperate…


Dear Bianca. I started seeing this guy a few weeks ago and I’m finding him hard to figure out. He’s just really tough to talk to. You know, he’ll only answer questions with short, one-word answers and he never really opens up to me about anything. But the sex is phenomenal. His dick can do things to me I’ve never experienced before. Is he just shy, or is he only interested in me because we’re good in bed together? From Chris.

Apparently you’ve only spoken to him on Grindr because ‘yes, no, lol, brb’ – all that means nothing. So yeah, maybe he’s not that interested in you. 

Gay society these days, everybody is young and that’s how they do things. They meet up, they hook up, then they usually become friends or they date, then they hate each other or they can’t be bothered. So it’s kind of fucked up. You know when you’re around somebody if somebody likes you. If you were around me, you’d be getting the feeling that I hate you.

I think you need to spend a little more time together, but if he makes up excuses and doesn’t want to, then it just means that he hates you. What? It’s true!

And think about it – if he really loved you, you’d be fucking right now and not writing a letter to my tired ass asking me what I think.

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