Vauxhall Clubbing Giants are Doing a Valentine’s Spesh Sesh!

And it’s called ‘Submission’. Saucy!

Beyond are having their Valentine’s special this Sunday morning and if you think they’re going to do roses, chocolates, and an instagrammed M&S Dine in for Two hashtagged boydonegood, then you’d be WRONG. They’ve gone for a SUBMISSION theme instead. If we were a more philosophical rag, we could probably knock out a long-form piece about how love is all about submitting to your emotions or something similar, but we’re not going to. We want to get to Sainsburys this lunchtime before all the falafel wraps fly off the shelves.

Instead, what we will say instead is that submission is a big part of the Beyond experience: losing yourself in the throbbing crowd of muscled guys and party boys as you let your morning pass by in a maelstrom of heavy house and techno from the likes of Tony English, Matt Bogard, Neil Singleton, and Emma White! You just can’t help but let yourself get swept up by it all, only to leave bleary-eyed at noon despite the fact you have to meet your mother in Covent Garden at 1. That’s submission for ya! Beyond can have you wrapped round their little finger and you’ll LOVE IT.

And as if you needed any other reason to head down this weekend, then their collaboration with new Clapham fetish destination Fetch might tempt you out of the mid-winter doldrums. Head Fetcher Nieko will be down with some hot boys in tow (as per usual), handing out giveaways and discounts on all things Beyond chic. You know the drill: harnesses, tank tops, jocks, all ya faves.

Beyond Submission is on Sunday 11th February at Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT, 4am-midday, £13 conc/with flyer before 7am, £16 OTD