It’s Ku Bar’s Sort-of Eleventh Birthday

She’s got two birthdays. Like the Queen.

Our fave central London watering hole has been around in various locations and incarnations, since 1995. But the one we know and love the most, its most iconic incarnation (iconation, if you like) is that one on Lisle Street.

Slap bang in the middle of bustling, aromatic Chinatown, it’s weathered eleven years of prides, Chinese new years, and all sorts of other stuff. It even survived Kylie filming her videao for Timebomb.

We got owner Gary Henshaw to tell us what makes Ku one of the scene’s most glittering and recognizable havens:

“Much like the Queen, Ku celebrates two birthdays. One on December 8th, when Ku first opened its doors back in 1995 and the second on February 14th 2007, celebrating the anniversary of Ku moving to Lisle Street.


Over the last eleven years I am proud of how Ku has developed and expanded to encompass five very different experiences. Including a 150 capacity nightclub Klub, open seven days a week until 3am beneath Ku Lisle Street. The Light Lounge on the first floor of Ku Lisle Street and ‘Little Ku’ on the corner of Frith Street & Old Compton Street spread over two floors and the only full-time dedicated Lesbian venue, SHE Soho on Old Compton Street.

Come and have a few drinks on us this Wednesday 14th February, celebrating our 11-year anniversary at Ku Lisle Street. On the day that celebrates love, we like to show you how we feel about you, our customers.”

Ku is at 30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA. Pop down on Valentines Day to say hi to the boys and have a drink!