Pride in London launches biggest ever survey to re-examine what pride means to the LGBTQ+ community

Pride in London

Following Stonewall’s announcement on Friday that they won’t be participating in this year’s London event, Pride in London have launched their biggest ever research project, dubbed ‘Matter Of Pride’.

With the aid of a survey hosted by YouGov, they aim to find out what it means to people. The partying/drinking side of pride vs the political/activism side have long been subjects of debate, and Pride in London hope to find out what priorities would best suit the majority of London’s LGBTQ+ community.

They’ll be considering a number of factors, including identity, discrimination, and outlook for the future.

“This year we are taking a fresh approach,” says Engagement Director Christopher Joell-Deschields.


“With the issues that the community faces, such as racism, ageism and many other prejudices, we carry the responsibility to put on a Pride for everyone. As volunteers, we want open dialogue and conversation around what Pride needs to be, to help make this happen.”

The survey can be completed here:

You can also participate by calling 020 3745 5560 or 0844 344 5428 or attending Pride in London’s next open meeting, which will take place later this month. Details will be published on