QX meets…Cascada

Natalie Horler, better known by her floor-filling stage name Cascada, is nothing less than a musical ICON. Her anthemic beats provided a pelvis-pumping soundtrack to the mid noughties, melding modern house with 90s trance to create a euphoric and irresistable sound.

She has a special place in our hearts here at QX. There’s something about those first knells of Evacuate The Dancefloor that fill us with joy and nostalgia. Almost ten years after that unforgettable and infectious hit drove clubs wild from Ilford to Ibiza, she’s still touring, singing and partying with the best of them!

Dylan Jones dragged her into the smoking area and talked Netflix, hangover food and GAY ICONS.

Hey ‪Cascada! I LOVE YOU! Tell me what you’ve been up to lately.
I LOVE YOU, TOO! I’ve just been touring loads to be fair. When I have time off, I spend it with friends and family. One could say, I work hard and play hard.


Eurovision’s coming around again soon…who will you be supporting?
I literally haven‘t had time to get involved with the participants this year I‘m afraid. I will be watching the show though, that‘s something I always enjoy.

Now, as I’m sure you know, you’re a gay icon! What do you think it takes to reach gay icon status?
I‘ve been told this here and there, but I don‘t think it really sinks in, as I associate ‘gay icon’ with fabulous ladies like Madonna, ‪Gaga and Cher. I don‘t feel like I belong in that league. I‘m certainly honoured to be told that though! I think when you and your music are fairly flamboyant, then the fabulous gays out there can identify with letting loose and can just enjoy the madness. Maybe that‘s something to do with it.

Who’s YOUR gay icon?
I am a Gaga fan, as she‘s so musically talented in so many ways and just doesn‘t give a rat‘s arse. I love that freedom she expresses.

Now for a very important question…what’s your hangover food of choice?
Hands up, SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE. Every time.

Who’s a music act that you love, who you think has been criminally overlooked?Maybe not completely overlooked, but I think ‪Justin Nozuka should be far more famous than he is.

What was your favourite pop moment of 2017?
Meh, I don‘t have any!

Tell us about the best party you’ve ever been to.
Any party on Ibiza or Mykonos has been amazing. I saw ‪David Guetta live last summer on Ibiza at Club Ushuaia and had an absolute blast.

What are you binge-watching on Netflix right now?
I just finished The People Vs OJ with Cuba Gooding Jr. and I‘m totally into the series Face Off. I can watch that until it comes out of my ears.

Do you have a favourite gif?
I love the one where some girl is dancing like crazy and grinding on this guy and he just chucks her over his head off this little balcony in a club. Cracks me up every time!

Are you on any dating apps?
No, I‘m happily married and have the most gorgeous husband ever!

IF you could go on a date with ANY British politician, who would it be and why?I’m so not into politicians.

Evacuate The Dancefloor came out in 2009…it was a huge year for dance music. Why do you think that is?
Not sure to be fair. I know it certainly was a musical turning point for us, as we went slightly more commercial with our dance sound.

You’re coming to London soon! Are you excited?
Can‘t wait! Glitter up, lads!