QX meets…Holly Burn

London-based comedian Holly Burn is one of our absolute faves. So, y’know that video of Victoria Beckham doing 73 questions for Vogue? Well, you may have seen Holly’s totes amazing PARODY of that, which involves Holly sauntering around a corner shop in a dressing gown, proffering shaving foam and obscure brands of cheese.

If you HAVEN’T seen it, pour yourself a gin and tonic and head to YouTube immediately. Fresh from the dizzy heights of becoming a HASHTAG YOUTUBE CELEB, Holly is taking herself to the supercool Green Rooms Hotel AND the much-lauded Vaults Waterloo, to dazzle audiences with her vim and vigour!

We got her to tell us about soup, shops and some other nonsense.



Hey Holly! Describe yourself in three gorgeous words.


How would you describe your, like, comedic style?

Visual, energetic, wild, risky. It’s full of big characters, and me (a big character). It’s got a sort of glamorous edge, mixed with down-to-earth reality. Usually a bit inexplicable and bonkers.

We love you for that amazing Vickie B video. Do you have a fave sketch on youtube that you show your friends? 

Probably a Mr Show sketch, or that Facebook video of the guy pulling stuff off himself with a fan.

Talk us through your ideal corner shop. Where would it be/what stock would it have/etc.

It’d be in somewhere like Palm Springs, where they wouldn’t be able to conceive of the idea of a corner shop. It would sell a weird combo of things like Virginia Slims and Super Noodles.

We know Freddo is Vickie B’s spirit animal. What’s yours?

Percy Pig

What’s your favourite kind of soup?

The wet kind

If you HAD to shag a member of the Labour cabinet, which one would you go for?


What’s the worst thing you’ve done on a Sunday morning?

Something smug like going to Spin class.

 Preferred hangover meal?

Obvs smashed avo on toast in Viccy Park – I’m not a monster

What do you think about the Spice Girls coming back?

I’m very sentimental these days, so I love anything that evokes memories – which the Spice Girls do! So am fully in favour. As long as they all mime.

What would you do as Prime Minister?

Get rid of pantsuits for women!

In terms of romance, who is your ideal man/woman/person?

A man

Are you on “the apps”?

NO apps for me thank you – I can barely open my email

What do you think of the phrase “fag hag”?

Bit 80’s isn’t it?!

Now for some classic interview questions…who are your like, comedy inspirations?

Paul Foot, Steve Martin, Mel Brooks, Steve Coogan, Les Dawson, Victoria Wood,

When did you first start doing funny stuff?

2007 I got properly in to comedy and took my first hours show to Edinburgh. I trained as an actor but realised I had to let go of my Ophelia / Juliet dreams and embrace the funny stuff – the thing that always came most naturally.

And finally…tell us about your show!

It’s a celebration and a wild ride through my last 10 years in show biz!! It’s like my memoirs on stage. All the greatest hits from my past seven shows and all the stuff that went on in between…  You’ll defo not have seen anything like it before. It’s an experience not to be missed.

Holly is at VAULT Festival from 28th Feb – 2nd March and at Green Rooms Hotel for one night only on 22nd Feb.