A:M Latin

Partystarters A:M are lending a Latin twist to their Friday night shindigs!

Ignore the apocalyptically bleak weather outside for just one moment and cast your mind back to the halcyon summer of 2017. Feels so long ago now, doesn’t it. Remember those hazy days, especially all the gorgey Latin-inflected pop music. Despacito! Wild Thoughts! Reggaetón Lento! That Matt Terry one! It made every bar, club, and supermarket feel like you were partying in some sun-drenched cocktail-topia, rather than, say, Balham.

Afterhours extravaganza A:M obviously feel the same way and are bringing a little bit of Latin loving to Vauxhall this Friday night. We caught up with the guys at Orange Nation to get the lowdown on their new Latin Quarter!

Hey, tell us about your new Latin Quarter.

We’re adding an extra dimension to the night. Currently, we have two rooms at A:M, each with a slightly different style of music – house and tech – to give our customers a bit of choice. We’re just extending those options a little and since it seems to be taking over the world right now, we decided it would be fun to add a touch of Latin music in A:M! We have two brilliant DJs, Rob Lambert and Matt Harrison, who’ll be taking it in turns to make the A:M crowd dance to their sexy Spanish beats every week.



So the regular A:M DJs aren’t going to be playing Latin music then?

No, every week one of the specialist DJs will play in ‘The Latin Quarter’. Their two-hour set will feature songs that everyone will recognise, such as Despacito – admit it, it’s your guilty little pleasure! – plus some Spanish-language reggaeton tracks. But our hugely popular, and massively talented house and tech DJs will carry on just as they are – you don’t mess with perfection.

What else is happening at this week’s A:M?

This is going to be very special party! Not only will there be a DJ in the Latin Quarter, we’ve got a PA performing too, and a live percussionist as well. Honestly, this is going to involve more than a few Justin Bieber covers! We’ve also got someone exciting in the tech room. I’m delighted that international superstar DJ and producer, Kid Massive, is playing at A:M, having just finished a two-month tour of Asia. Basically, we’re just getting bigger and better, and there’s something for everyone!

A:M is on every Friday at Protocol, 6a South Lambeth Place, SW8 1RT, 3am-10am, £8 before 6am with flyer/concession, £15 OTD