Ask Bianca – Words of Wisdom from Drag Race’s Queen of Mean

She’s been called “the Joan Rivers of drag”, “a clown in a gown” and “a hateful cunt”. But we just call her Bianca Del Rio, the winner of a little-known show called RuPaul’s Drag Race and QX’s new resident agony aunt.

Bianca’s taking time out of her busy scheduling writing her book and preparing to bring her new show Blame It On Bianca to the UK in July to sit down and answer YOUR problems.

Until she sells enough tickets for her London show that is – 27th July, Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, get your tickets now, etc.

So here she is, the self-proclaimed expert of nothing with an opinion on everything. Strap yourself in, because if someone’s turning to Bianca Del Rio for advice, you know they gotta be desperate…


Dear Bianca. I’m a bit worried I’m cheating on my boyfriend and not realising it. For the last few months, I’ve been talking to guys online and on apps – and sometimes the talk gets dirty and we swap pics. It’s just meant as a bit of fun and I’ve never met up with a guy – and never would. I just like feeling desirable, you know? I’m scared that if my boyfriend found out though, he wouldn’t understand and he’d break up with me. I’m only doing it for the thrill, but am I cheating already? From Darren.

First of all, you’re bored. Obviously if your eyes are lingering someplace else, you’re looking for some kind of entertainment. Honestly, if I went through any gay man’s phone right now, what would I find? Pictures of your grandmother? Your garden? Couple of dicks? Couple of assholes?

If you’re not happy at home then you explore other things. I wouldn’t say it’s cheating, it’s just being dishonest.

Would you be offended if your boyfriend did that to you? Would you be bothered? 

Honestly though – and I say this sat here in a wig and lashes – people need to be honest with who they are. If the relationship means a lot to you then you’d be respectful. But if it doesn’t mean a lot to you, then do whatever you want to do until you get caught. You’ll always get caught.

It’s a lot to explain though. How do you say, ‘Oh, we’re just friends we’re swapping photos.’ I have tonnes of friends but I don’t swap… you know what I mean? 

We’ve all seen a friend’s dick, but it’s different when you’re sharing yourself with someone else. I’d be a little upset, I would say.

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