Westchester’s Favourite Drag Queen: Delilah Brooks is a Psychic in Progress

Most people don’t know that psychic and medium are two subjects that are so very similar, but also very different. Let’s get some clarity.

A medium is someone who connects to the spiritual world in order to provide information about the past and present to the person being read. Psychics, on the other hand, use the energy of people and items to provide information about the future of the person they are reading. And that is exactly what Delilah Brooks does when she is not busy performing as a drag queen. Or, sometimes, at the same time.

The Life Of Delilah

Delilah was born in the Bronx into an Italian family and moved to Westchester where she was raised, but Delilah wasn’t always a woman or seen as one. She was, in fact, a long time ago a little boy who knew he was gay, but struggled to come out. Despite the fact that she was gay, she also had this feeling in her that she has some kind of psychic ability.

“As a kid, I always knew,” Delilah said in an interview she had with DNA Info. “I always felt things, but I didn’t know what I was feeling. So you do what any normal kid does and try to drown them out.”


After being sent to a psych ward for coming out to her family about her abilities, she built a wall around it and went out partying instead. To only realise that she doesn’t have to be afraid of this great power she feels, but appreciate it and use it to help other people.

Her Drag Shows

She started dragging three years ago when a co-owner of a bar in The Village gave her a chance to go on stage and perform on the first happy hour drag show that the bar had. She excelled obviously, how could she not with the awesome happy go lucky personality she has.

After her first show, she got more drag gigs around Chelsea and The Village. She still does drag shows up to today in numerous bars and clubs and she won’t be stopping anytime soon. Even though her psychic business is kicking up a storm around the world.

The Psychic Abilities

Although Miss Delilah does not do palm or tarot readings, using the tarot deck to gain insight into the future like some other psychics do, she still helps people in many ways. One of them is starring in her very own tv show called the ‘Psychic Queen’ where they feature how every day of her life is and what it looks like when she does a reading.

Her ability is still in the development stage, she says, but she is confident that the more readings she does the better she will become. She is currently still familiarising herself and mostly reading her close friends and family, but is slowly but surely branching out to read strangers.

Even though she is very busy with her show and might have to do some tours through the country, she is still persistent on doing her drag show. She is a strong, fun woman who wants to bring joy and happiness to people and may she get blessings in abundance for her great work.