Mobile Fun – More than Snake

Time was, the only fun we could have with cell phones was playing Snake on an underpowered Nokia. Since then, smartphones and enormous jump in power and capabilities have raised the bar far and beyond what early phone adopters could hope for. Here, we’ll go over just a few examples of what modern phones are capable of, for those who have let the developments pass them by.

The Games

Far from the pixelated black and white of the early cell phones, the phones of today are thousands of times more powerful, fast, and responsive. These games cover everything from first-person shooters to role-playing games, and many are available for free. There is something for everyone here, whether you just want to puzzle away a couple of minutes or spend the hours of a bus trip working on building your digital base.

If you already play games then you should have some idea of what you are looking for, if not then you can rely on the top charts on the official Apple or Google Play marketplaces to point you in the right direction. Many of these are free too, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

The Casinos

Some of the best fun you can have online is visiting casinos. All of the thrill of winning big with all the classic games, and none of the being told off for not wearing pants. At this point the online gambling market has exploded to such a degree that they have expanded out into dozens, if not hundreds, of individual mobile apps, further streamlining the experience into something quick and easy. The games on offer are more than ever too, with a multitude of variants of blackjack, baccarat, roulette and other casino staples, as well as hundreds of interesting themed slots. There are even many websites out there that will list the best gambling apps for you, so you don’t even need to put the legwork in.

The Social


Remember when online dating used to come with significant social stigma? Well, forget about that today, as online dating has gone from mocked to far beyond socially accepted. Apps like Tinder are great for meeting new people, and there are those which aim to be a little more casual as well so those of us who struggle with the dating game will have an easier time.

Keep in Mind

Not all apps are created equal, and safety is always going to be a concern. Always be sure you get your apps and programs from trusted websites, and their official sources whenever possible. Nobody likes having their data stolen, and when this happens the damage can be profound. Just pay a little bit of attention and this shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck, and have fun.

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