QX Preview – Beyond

The scene’s biggest after-hours party

Still coughing up glitter and catching up on sleep from the Easter weekend just gone? Well, listen up. There’s more, more, MORE lined up for the start of May! Relentless afterhours institution Beyond will be teaming up with Ireland’s hottest man-only party, DADDi, for the Bank Holiday battle of the year!

DADDi is the self-described ‘breatha of fresh bear’ that has been giving Ireland’s gays a kick up the culchie for the past four years and they’re going to be coming over to Vauxhall for the first time ever on Sunday 6th May. It’s the birthchild of Steve Blennerhassett, who brings with him 16 years of putting on huge gay parties in Amsterdam and a contact book full of superstar DJs. They’re going to be bringing their fetish-heavy vibes to Beyond’s polysexual den of sleazyesque iniquity and it promises to be the most iconic collab since Cher went to lunch with Stephen Hawking! Pick a side: wear the horned-up harnesses of DADDi or the Ibiza uniform of jeans, no shirt and glowsticks of Beyond, and then hit the dance floor!

Expect sexy gogos in outrageous get-up!, expect hard-hitting house and techno from a roster of Orange Nation and DADDi’s DJs, and above all, expect another Bank Holiday party that will have your head in a spin for weeks!

Beyond v DADDi is on Sunday 6th May, 4am superlate, at Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT