Rogan Richards is coming to London tomorrow night…

Rogan Richards

All you need to do is look at our browser history to see that we’re erm…FANS, of Rogan Richards.

If you somehow haven’t heard of him (stop pretending) give him a Google. But maybe not if you’re at work, or on the bus. Anyway he’s VERY good at what he does, let’s put it that way.

AND HE’S COMING TO LONDON. He’s hosting international gay party Daddy Issues, which is touching down tomorrow night at BBB. “BBB” stands for Bareback Barn. No it doesn’t, it stands for Beach Blanket Babylon, a salubrious, swanky den of debauchery in Shoreditch, and the UK home of Daddy Issues.

We asked Rogan a few questions about partying and drinking (obvs) and also Daddy Issues have given us an exclusive preview of some of the music you can expect on the night. Pornstars & Playlists, what more could you want?! Sounds like the title of Paris Hilton’s autobiography.


SO ROGAN. What’s your favourite thing to do in London?

What do British boys do best in bed?
Look super hot next to my big cock.

Tell us about the wildest party you’ve ever been to.
The last Daddy Issues party I hosted.

What’s your drink of choice?

What’s your favourite song to get lit to?
I just discovered a local lad named O’mahon and have been listening to him non stop since.

What shows are you binge-watching?

Timothée Chalamet or Armie Hammer?
Josh O’Connor and Alec Secarenau.

And finally…you’re hosting Daddy Issues…do YOU have daddy issues?

Daddy Issues is tomorrow night at Beach Blanket Babylon. Hit attending here. Listen to Berlin DJ Stereon’s Daddy Issues mix here.