Dalston acid incident misreported as homophobic attack

It has been reported by some news outlets that a homophobic acid attack occurred outside Dalston Superstore in the early hours of Sunday morning. Whilst an attack did take place, many of the details reported are inaccurate.

Three men aged 17, 22 and 27 had acid, reported as “a noxious substance” thrown over them close to 5am on Sunday morning. Authorities say they may have lasting injuries from the attack.

News outlets have reported that the event took place as the men were leaving LGBTQ venue Dalston Superstore, but in fact it was almost two hours after they’d closed. 

Here’s a statement from Superstore’s Emma Kroeger: 


“In the early hours of Sunday morning, an acid attack occurred in Dalston, not far from Dalston Superstore. This is a horrific and abhorrent act, but despite the way it is being reported in the media, it did not directly affect patrons of Dalston Superstore.

“The venue was mentioned in an initial report, and secondary articles then misreported that the attack had occurred directly outside Superstore. This was inaccurate, with the attack in fact occurring on Shacklewell Lane some tie after we had closed.”

“The fact that it was not one of our customers attacked does not reduce the severity and horrific nature of the crime, but we wish to clarify that we have no reason to believe that it was motivated by homophobia. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.” 

Scotland Yard are not treating the incident as a homophobic attack.