Cabaret – The Queen Of Marble Arch

We meet the queens performing at the rejuvenated City of Quebec

The City of Quebec is back! You may be surprised to read that because the traditional gay pub and entertainment venue, one of the oldest in the world, didn’t actually go anywhere. It’s just been a tumultuous few years for all involved, especially the customers. The old girl opened her doors in 1946 and in post-war Britain spirits were high; it’s rumoured that The Quebec was often the place that many buoyant gay Royal Air Force pilots and crew hung out. So to speak. 

What makes The Quebec so special, and this can be applied to similar venues that have weathered the storms of developers and rising rents, is the history and people that patronise it. Many (now) older gay gentlemen have been socialising there since they first came out, and many of those same people were at the forefront of the fight for gay rights in those early and dark days. Of course being in the West End it’s a mixed bag of punters propping up the bar and cheering on the drag queens.

Of late it felt like The Quebec was going through an identity crisis. And as a consequence, it sadly slipped off the radar for many LGBT people. It’s crucially important that The Quebec flourishes, proudly and persistently. Having met and spent time with the new management team and seen the efforts they’re putting into reasserting The Quebec as a known and trusted venue for the LGBT+ community I’m hopeful for its future. So now it’s up to us to support them… 

Stephanie Von Clitz

Wednesday, 8PM 


Wednesday’s are about to get a LOT camper with Miss’d Fortunes! On alternate weeks we have the big brain-busting quiz and Rock and Roll Bingo. The vibe is fun and relaxed. People come along after work for drinks (there’s lots of offers) and stay on to enjoy the entertainment. I really would like to see it build up and become a go-to weeknight event. And I’m confident it can! 

The Quebec is a very important venue that’s provided a service to the scene for over 70 years. It is inclusive and open to everyone and has a welcoming atmosphere, and I sincerely wish Matt, Aaron and the new team all the best in transforming it back to a thriving LGBT+ drag and cabaret venue. Long may she reign! 

Charlie Hides

Sat 5 May, 9PM

I’m really excited about performing at The Quebec again as it was one of the first venues that booked me when I moved to the UK in 1999. At the time it had a reputation for being very popular with older gentlemen and rent boys; now that I’m both of those things I’m hoping I can earn a few quid after the show.

It’s one of the world’s oldest gay bars with a fascinating history, and like me, it needs preserving. I’m pleased that it’s under new management and will once again feature cabaret. Too many LGBT+ venues have closed in recent years so I’m gonna sing and dance and death drop my ass off to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Son Of a Tutu 

Sun 6 May, 7PM

I was once told that The Quebec is the London Gay scene’s Best Exotic Marigold Hotel meets Pretty Woman  an analogy that always makes the naughty in me chuckle. For me, it’s one of those jewels in the crown that is unique in terms of the fact it caters to tastes that others have  long written-off as being “passed commercial”. 

It plays its part in ensuring that no one is left behind regardless of their time or station in life and as a result is an integral part of a vibrant and diverse scene. May 6th will be Miss Tutu’s debut at the old girl, although one has often slipped-in unnoticed under the cover of civvies for a late night tipple. This show will be packed with classic singalongs with some naughty ditties and gags chucked in to stir the loins and imagination. I simply cannot wait. Much Tutu Love.