QX Preview: Beyond Taboo – 7 Deadly Sins

Beyond goes Met Gala for their next Bank Holiday blowout!

In the eternal words of Madonna on her seminal hit ‘4 Minutes feat. Justin Timberlake, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” We think she thought up that lyric while purchasing an egg and cress sandwich from Vauxhall Sainsburys.

This upcoming bank holiday (yep there’s another one at the end of the month), our fave club kids Beyond are celebrating Vauxhall’s notoriously hellish hedonism with a night DEDICATED to the seven deadly sins. We got promoter Martin to tell us more.

Hi Martin! So Taboo is back. What’s in store this time?

Well as you know, Taboo is all about anything forbidden and illicit, which can be in any form. We’re taking it back to where it all began, where the origin of everything forbidden was born, to the root of ALL SIN, The 7 DEADLY SINS.


So why the 7 Deadly Sins theme?

I know Summer’s coming and this is a bit of a dark theme BUT, I wanted to do something that we could really create an over the top story with and have no limits. But the biggest reason is because EVERYONE is guilty of at least one. I like people to feel involved with the party, so they can relate to it and enjoy it to the max. Plus the Beyond crew got to have A LOT of fun creating the promo images.

What have you got planned for the Saturday night?

Taboo is all about entering a forbidden world but with this there will be seven. Expect aspects of each LUST, GLUTTONY, GREED, SLOTH, WRATH, ENVY & PRIDE. Not giving too much away, but we want you to experience aspects of all the sins under one roof…and of course along with the bad, there has to be the good so we’ll even give you a chance to repent and confess in our Taboo Confessional. And as usual ‘What Happens in Fire, Stays in Fire.’

For any Taboo virgins, what tips can you give them?

Rules are meant to be broken. If something’s forbidden, it makes you want it more. So leave your inhibitions at home, embrace your inner mischievousness  and be ready to enter a world of debauchery where everything goes !!

What sinners will you have in store for us?

The amount of Sin committed between this lot is unforgiveable! We have the baddest lineup for Spring Bank Holiday; Tony English, Zach Burns, Lee Harris, Michel Mizrahi, Dave Hunt, Yvette Lindquist, Miswhite, Matt Bogard, Summer Ghemati and Antonio Harris.

Beyond Taboo is on Saturday 26th May at Fire. More info and early bird tickets available now at orangenation.co.uk.